Upcoming Workshops

Crash Course in ATS® - 11/10/18, Durango CO
Learn the basic system of American Tribal Style® belly dance at an accelerated pace! Level 1: Dance Fundamentals includes a total of 6 hours of instruction on the basic fast and slow vocabulary, formations and transitions, and an introduction to zils. Registration info available here.

Tribal Trifles - 10/22/17, Durango CO
Join me for two special American Tribal Style® belly dance workshops at the Durango Arts Center: Crash Course in ATS from 10 am - noon, and Sassy, Sultry & Sweet from 1 - 3 pm. Advance registration is required by 10/20 and cost is $35 per workshop or $60 for both. More info or register here.

Hips & Sips - 6/9/17, Silverton CO
Come pamper yourself with some girl time! We'll enjoy some social time, wine and snacks, a mini belly dance lesson and a performance! Friday, June 9th from 7 - 9 pm at the Benson Studio, 1212 Greene. Suggested donation of $5 at the door.

Honoring Our Many Mothers - 5/14/17, Silverton CO
Celebrate Mother's Day by honoring the divine feminine within. This special one-hour workshop will explore the creative and regenerative power of womanhood through gentle belly dance movement and ceremony. Sunday May 14th - Mother's Day - at 11 am. Details here.

Workshop Sampler - 1/28 - 1/29/17, Denver CO
Six different workshops on a variety of topics, taught by some amazing Colorado talent, including Caldera's Lisa Branner teaching Blossom & Grow! This event sells out quickly each year, so you'll want to grab your spot right away when registration opens on 10/17! Get more info here.

Sensuous Spirals - 11/13/16, Durango CO
This 2 hour workshop will explore some of the dynamic spins and turns of the American Tribal Style® lexicon. No prior ATS® experience required. Sunday, November 13th from 1 - 3 pm at The Dance Center in Durango. Register here.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Dance - 6/5/16, Grand Junction CO
Join Khadijah of Denver and Caldera's own Lisa Branner for a day of workshops! Khadijah will teach from 10 am - noon and Lisa will be teaching Tribal Treasures from 1 - 3 pm. Classes are $45 each or both for $75! Sunday June 5th at Elite Dance, 305 Main Street, Grand Junction. More information is available here.

A String of Pearls - 8/21/16, Salt Lake City UT
This is a private master class for the students of Salt City Tribal. Contact me to schedule a workshop of your own!

Book a Workshop!

From two-hour workshops to multi-day intensives, Caldera's Lisa Branner will gladly travel to bring her expertise and passion for ATS® and Tribal Fusion to you! A menu of workshop topics follows below, with options for the seasoned dancer as well as those new to the form. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to inquire about a class tailored especially to the needs of your dance community. Email calderabellydance@gmail.com for more information and pricing.

Workshop Descriptions

Tribal Treasures - Refining Technique

Let's bring sparkle and shine to some of the crown jewels of the ATS® vocabulary! Focusing on some of Lisa’s favorite movements, we’ll break down and examine a few slow and fast steps, refining and polishing them until they are positively gleaming. Prior ATS® experience is helpful but not required.

Whip That Hip!

This two hour workshop will explore a few variations of the hip twist in ATS®. We’ll start with some warmup and conditioning exercises designed to open your hips and bring power to your hip twists. Then we’ll learn and drill the Egyptian Basic and Arabic Hip Twist, and dive into some fun and challenging variations of these movements. Finally, we’ll string together a few fun combinations and use them in improvisational partner work. No prior ATS® experience needed.

Dynamic Duets

The energy shared by dance partners can light up the stage and create a truly riveting performance.  In this duet- focused workshop, we’ll explore some fun exercises that will help you connect with your partner so you can conjure magic together.  We’ll then apply this newfound sense of trust to several beautiful ATS® partner moves to see how they are enhanced by the connection between dancers.  Bring your current dance partner or be ready to make a new friend!  Prior ATS® experience is helpful but not required

Like the Back of Your Hand - Music as Scaffolding for Movement

Knowing your music inside and out is one of the keys to a stellar ATS® performance. This workshop will explore some techniques for understanding music and learn how to apply this information to dance. We’ll use listening and mapping exercises to examine the underlying structure of a given piece of music and then use this knowledge to give shape and form to an improvisational choreography. This workshop is recommended for intermediate level ATS® dancers.

A String of Pearls - Crafting ATS® Combinations That Flow

Careful sequencing of movements can make the difference between a performance that flows and one that is disjointed and awkward. In this two hour workshop we’ll explore concepts like sequencing and transitions, use these concepts to create combinations, and then put those combinations to the test through partner exercises. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to create seamless, easy-to-follow combinations that will make you and your dance partners shine. Recommended for intermediate level ATS® dancers.

Tribal Vibration: American Tribal Style® Shimmies

Learn the various shimmies of American Tribal Style® belly dance in this fast paced workshop that will get your hips moving and your heart pounding! We'll start with a breakdown of the Shimmy Step, one of the foundational movements of ATS®. Then we'll learn and drill several fun variations of the shimmy, ending with a few challenging combinations and improvisational partner work. Peppered throughout will be discussion of shimmy mechanics and tips to unlock those hips and make your shimmy bigger and bolder! This is a great workshop for beginners and those new to ATS®.  Also beneficial for more experienced dancers looking to refine their shimmy or to add some tribal flair to their existing shimmy repertoire.  No prior ATS® experience required.

Sensuous Spirals: American Tribal Style® Spins & Turns

Spins and turns can add a drama and flair to your dance, whether fast or slow!  This 2 hour workshop will explore some of the dynamic spins and turns that are part of the American Tribal Style® lexicon. We’ll also discuss the mechanics of spins, how to “spot” a turn, and tips and tricks for keeping your spins clean and sharp. A great class for any belly dancer looking to add tribal flair to their repertoire.  No prior ATS® experience required.

All In The Family – Motifs and Movement Families in ATS®

TWorking with the concept of movement families, we’ll learn a few basic ATS® movements, and then manipulate those motifs to create dynamic and exciting variations. Finally, we’ll craft these steps into combinations and experiment with improvisational partner work. No prior ATS® experience necessary. All moves learned in this class can be dropped into your current cued improv vocabulary or adapted for choreography. Bring finger cymbals if you have them!

Badass Blades: Sword Work for ATS® 

Dancing with a sword creates an air of danger and suspense that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. This two hour workshop will show you how to harness the power of this prop and seamlessly incorporate sword work into your ATS® performance.  We’ll discuss sword technique, care, and safety, and then break down and drill several movements that incorporate sword. We’ll also explore balancing work, and share some secrets for success. Please bring a headscarf and your trusty blade. For your safety, class size may be limited due to space constraints.

A Tisket A Tasket, ATS® with Basket

Baskets have an earthy, folkloric feel that lends itself perfectly to the ATS® aesthetic.  In this 2 hour workshop, Lisa Branner will share some of her favorite moves from the basket dialect she developed for Caldera.  You’ll learn fast and slow movements that incorporate basket, both in-hand and balanced.  A working knowledge of fundamental ATS® vocabulary is recommended but not required.  Please bring a headscarf and a basket, tray or other lightweight object for balancing.

Zil Drills & Skills – For Beginners

Zils add excitement and musicality to any style of belly dance performance.  But where do you start?  In this 2 hour workshop we’ll discuss basic technique, learn several commonly used zil patterns for tribal style belly dance, and practice drills to help you layer the patterns over movement.  This is a basics class for zilling newbies, but some prior belly dance experience is helpful.  Bring zils if you have them, and I’ll have a few sets available to borrow. 

Zil Drills & Skills – For Intermediates

Looking to move beyond the basics with zils?  This two hour workshop is perfect for dancers looking to up their game.  We’ll break down and drill several different zil patterns, practice playing zils with basic isolations and movement patterns, and then work from the ground up to build a few intermediate level tribal fusion combinations that layer movement with alternating zil patterns.  You’ll leave with some great ideas to incorporate into your personal practice.  Don’t forget to bring your zils!   

Tribal Evolution – From Classic to Modern ATS® and Beyond

As a living, breathing art form, dance is constantly evolving, and American Tribal Style® belly dance is no exception.  This fast paced 2 hour workshop will explore how many American Tribal Style® moves have morphed from their "classic" forms into new and different adaptations.  To put things in context, this workshop will include discussion of the history of ATS®, as well as background on the moves and their creators.  All moves learned in this class can be easily dropped into your current Cued Improv vocabulary, or are adaptable for choreography.  No prior ATS® experience needed.  

Dancing In Flow™

“Flow is dancing in the divine subconscious.” – Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman.  Lose yourself in the bliss of movement! No instruction, just an hour of rapturous ATS® dance to inspiring world music. No talk, no technique, no formations, and no pressure! Just follow along, go with the flow, and most of all – have fun!

It’s All Fun and Games

This fun workshop will use a variety of games and exercises to tap into the deep well of creativity inside you.  We will explore new ways of creating movement, experiment with different methods of generating choreography, and create and perform a short mini-choreography with a partner.  The techniques learned in this 2 hour workshop are applicable to all styles of dance and will help you get your creative juices flowing!  Bring a sense of adventure, a playful attitude, and a willingness to work with others!

Crash Course in ATS® Workshop Series

The Crash Course in ATS® series was developed by Lisa Branner to provide a flexible yet comprehensive approach to learning American Tribal Style® belly dance as created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman and FatChanceBellyDance®.  It is an ideal format for those without access to regular ATS® classes or those curious about the dance form.  Content has been broken into easily digestible blocks, allowing you to tailor the experience to the needs of your group.  Each session functions beautifully as a stand-alone workshop, or classes can be combined to create single or multi-day intensives for accelerated learning.  Level 1: Dance Fundamentals covers beginner level material while Level 2: Tribal Combinations covers intermediate material.  Advanced workshops available upon request.

Crash Course in ATS® Level 1 - Dance Fundamentals (6 hours)

Comprised of three 2 hour workshops, Level 1 includes a total of 6 hours of instruction. Topics are: Fast Vocabulary, Slow Vocabulary and Formations & Transitions. Book a 2 hour session as a stand-alone workshop, or combine all three to create a full day intensive that covers all the basics. The Formations & Transitions workshop can be tailored to the needs of more experienced dancers. 

Crash Course in ATS® Level 2 - Tribal Combinations (10 hours)

Four hours of intermediate Fast Vocabulary and four hours of intermediate level Slow Vocabulary, each broken into two 2 hour sessions. Chorus work will be explored in a single two hour session.